Dominick M. Walker

Dominick Walker is an American photographer /Artist from Houston, Texas now residing in the Middle East (Doha, Qatar).

Dominick's love of imagery and Photography/art started at a young age watching his father a painter take family pictures. In 6th Grade he learned to develop his own film in a science class and the love never stopped. After obtaining a B.A. in English in undergrad Dominick went on to graduate school to do an MA in American Literature and Poetry. And from there started working as a copywriter at various advertising agencies in San Francisco, New York and Austin, Texas.

After working up to creative director and many experiences with talented Directors and amazing photographers Dominick decided to branch out working behind the camera on commercial photography and directing.

5 years ago he opened his own studio in Houston where he focused on Portraiture and whenever possible travel photography--but mostly shooting any and everything he could get assignments on thru his studio.

Finally, an opportunity knocked that would take him to the middle east where he has been for the last half year, exploring and capturing the people, places and things he's never seen before. This location has so far allowed him access to great cities, regions and a wealth of imagery to explore and see anew.

  Dominick is a Hapless-sentimental-romantic as can be seen by his imagery. His work could be described as discovery of things around us everyday as seen through a poets eye. Dominick believes he is still a poet, just with a camera. His philosophy that poets are here to show the world how they look best describe his approach to his work.  He is excited about his possibilities and the chance to show the world a perspective through his poet lens...